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Surety Of Quality

We believe that if the foundation is strong, chances of the end product showing excellent quality increase dramatically. Hence, only the superior quality raw material is used by us in the production process after importing them from the international markets, which helps us in offering unmatched quality Pesticide Sprayers, Electric Hot Water Bottle, Electric Hot Water Bag, Electric Warmer Bag, Pressure Pump etc. Our experts monitor the whole production process stringently to make sure the raw material are put to good use. After the completion of the manufacturing process, the products go through stringent quality checking which is carried out in our quality checking laboratories. Our quality inspectors are very particular about the quality and don't think twice twice before scrapping the whole batch upon finding any defect in a single product. The parameters used by them in order to test our offered Sprayers are listed below:

  • Installation
  • Construction
  • Shape
  • Smoothness of edges
  • Uniformity of distribution
  • Operation
  • Penetration
  • Target performance
  • Eco-friendliness

Products We Offer

We Manufacture, Import, Export, Wholesale and Supply the below mentioned product range:

Agricultural Sprayers

Agricultural Rechargeable Battery Sprayer

Paint Battery Sprayer

Garden Sprayer Electric

Agriculture Battery Sprayer

Pesticide Sprayers

Garden Sprayers Battery Operated

Battery Operated Knapsack Sprayer

Power Knapsack Sprayers

Hand Operated Battery Sprayer

Battery Operated Solar Sprayer

Power Sprayer

Impression Battery Sprayer

Battery Powered Lawn Sprayer

Rechargeable Battery Sprayer

Industrial Battery Sprayer

Battery Sprayer

Sprayer Pump

Knapsack Sprayer

Battery Sprayer Pump

Compression Sprayers

Car Washing Sprayer

Agricultural Sprayer Spare Parts

Agricultural Sprayer Lance

Agricultural Sprayer Delivery Pipe

Agricultural Sprayer Belt

Beauty & Personal Care Equipment

Detox Foot Spa

Spa Capsule

Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Machine

Slimming Weight Loss Machine

Health Care Products

Alkaline Nano Flask

Electric Hot Water Bottle

Jade Massage Stone

Alkaline Water Bottle

Electric Hot Water Bag

Nano Energy Water Flask

Agricultural Power Sprayers Spare Parts

Power Sprayer Wire

Pressure Adjusting Spindle

Power Knapsack Sprayer

Power Sprayer Filter

Power Sprayer Seal

Power Knapsack Sprayer Oil Seal

Power Sprayer Clutch Bell

Sprayer Water Out Cover Washer

Power Knapsack Sprayer Cooper Right Suction Metal

Power Sprayer Cooper Left Metal

Power Sprayer Petrol Tank Washer

Sprayer Pressure Adjusting Spindle

Power Sprayer Petrol Tank Filter

Power Sprayer O Seal

Sprayer Air Cleaning Cover

Power Sprayer Overflow Washer

Sprayer Water Out Cover

Sprayer Oil Seal

Power Sprayer Cooper Right Suction Metal

Power Sprayer Cooper Right Outlet Metal

Power Knapsack Sprayer 5.25 Screw

Power Sprayer 6mm Flat Pad

Power Sprayer Suction Knob

Power Knapsack Sprayer Cylinder

Power Sprayer Brass Oil Cap

Power Sprayer Overflow Knob

Power Knapsack Sprayers Clutch Shoe

Power Sprayer Adjust Spring
Sprayer Pulley Start

Power Knapsack Sprayer High Voltage

Power Knapsack Sprayer Valve Seal

Sprayer Gun Cock

Power Knapsack Sprayer Piston Ring

Power Knapsack Sprayer 18mm SS Valve

Spray Gun Handle

Power Sprayer 6.70 Screw

Power Sprayer Tank Cover

Power Sprayer Oil Tank

Garden sprayers

Garden Pressure Sprayer

High Garden Pressure Sprayer

Hand Sprayer

Garden Sprayer

Horticultural Sprayer

Hi Tech Sprayer Spare Parts

Sprayers Stand

Sprayers Chidiya

Sprayers Presser Lota

Sprayers Foot Valve with Brass

Sprayers Washer

Sprayers Chidiya with Piston Set (brass Nut)

Sprayers Foot Valve

Sprayers Brass Chamber

Agricultural Battery Sprayer Parts

Agricultural Sprayer Pressure Pump

On Off Switch

Battery Sprayer Motor Pump

Agricultural Sprayer Speed Control Regulator

Pressure Pump

Battery Sprayer On/Off Switch

Agricultural Sprayer trigger

Rocket Switch

Battery Sprayer Pump

Agricultural Sprayer Voltage Meter

Speed Control Switch


Band Pipe

UPS Battery

DC Motor 12V

Battery Cover

Water Sprayer Pump

Diaphragm Water Pump

Battery Sprayer Charger

Motor Head

Electric Water Pump Motor

Agricultural Hi-Tech Sprayers

Hi- Tech Knapsack Sprayer

Hi Tech Sprayer Impression

Agriculture Sprayers - Hi-Tech Sprayers

Agricultural Power Sprayers

Agricultural Knapsack Power Sprayer

Knapsack Power Sprayer

Red Power Sprayer

Backpack Sprayers

Knapsack Power Sprayer 20L


HTP Sprayers

Agriculture HTP Sprayers

Impression HTP Sprayers

HTP Power Sprayer Pump

Car Washing HTP Pump

Piston Pump

HTP Power Sprayers

HTP Plunger Power Sprayer Pump

Tractor HTP Sprayer

In addition to the above, we also offer the following:

  • Agricultural Sprayer Parts
  • Grass Cutting Machines
  • Cotton Picking Machines
  • UPS Batteries
  • Agricultural Sprayer Nozzles
  • Embroidery Machine Spare Parts

Our Dexterous Staff

Flooded with creative ideas and armed with the latest tools, our staff members have been contributing to our growth by assisting us with their unmatched expertise and domain knowledge. There are different sets of professionals for various products and processes, each one a pro in its respective domain. By keeping abreast of the latest trends and technological inventions, they incorporate the same in our production process so that our products are no less than the products available in the international markets. With their creative bent of mind and capability to think out of the box, our client relationship managers assist the customers and solve their queries by providing them with the apt solution. The different teams assisting us are mentioned below:

  • Administrative staff
  • Marketing researchers
  • Client relationship managers
  • Production experts
  • Engineers
  • Quality inspectors
  • Packaging experts
  • Warehousing personnel
  • R&D staff
  • Skilled and non-skilled workers

Our Sophisticated Infrastructure

Our sound infrastructure located in Surat, equipped with the latest machines is our backbone which assists us in the completion of small batch and bulk orders in the committed time frame. Supported by a semi automatic production setup, our infrastructure boasts of the tried and tested machines sourced from the trusted names of the international market. These machines are upgraded with time which helps us in keeping ahead of our competitors in the domain in terms of technology and improving our own existing quality standards. We have divided our infrastructure into different sections, which are mentioned below:

  • Production unit
  • Quality checking cell
  • Packaging unit
  • Warehouse
  • R&D facility
  • Administrative department